Who Are We?

Knowle Masonic Centre (KMC) is not only a venue where Freemasons from Warwickshire and other provinces come together to enjoy a lovely day. Its definition of service and quality goes beyond the standards of professionalism. Its well-maintained, measurable, accountable and modern understanding of hospitality creates a unique opportunity for every member and visitor to explore the friendly, respectful and honest nature of Freemasonry where differences are celebrated through a positive, generous and inclusive approach. 

KMC establishes its efficient and transparent management measures on the basis of simplicity, thoughtfulness and integrity. Therefore, the centre is run for the benefit of all members, lodges and other orders.

Our goal is to inspire and connect Freemasons by serving them as a centre of excellence. Our forward-thinking, flexible, problem-solving and competitive approach engenders accessibility, comfort, integrity and technologically edge-cutting benefits to our members and visitors. 

The KMC currently hosts 22 Craft Lodges, 7 Royal Arch Chapters, 2 Mark Lodges, 4 Rose Croix Chapters, 2 Knights Templar Preceptories, 2 KTP Tabernacles, and 1 unit each of Royal Ark Mariners, Royal & Select Masters, Scarlet Cord and Red Cross of Constantine. 

All craft lodges meet under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire and are governed constitutionally by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

Meet The Board Members


Andrew Lee


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Keith Reynolds

Deputy Chair

Buildings Officer


Mark Philips



John Davies


Museum Officer


Peter McBride

Community Officer


Ali Yenidunya

Communications Officer


Insurance Officer


Finance Officer


Neil Cappell

Risk and Compliance Officer