KMC Modern Facilities


KMC is a modern facility. It recognises that members and visitors work and circulate in high specification offices and hence expect the same wherever they choose to go. KMC has responded to this as you can see from the list below and also has several upgrades in the pipeline. At the present time, KMC provides for its members and visitors,

  • A multi piece Charging point is available in the Lobby for phones, tablets, and so forth.

  • A Conference Spider Phone is available in the meeting rooms ensuring that meetings can reach all parties - those both physically in attendance and working away. This is handy for ensuring all members feel engaged if they cannot attend PMO meetings for example.

  • A Skype link screen in the meeting room also to enable members to get engaged if they cannot physically attend meetings (eg PMO).

  • Wi Fi is available throughout the building and is boosted for use in all rooms. The Wi Fi code is made available on the notice boards. We hope we can upgrade this soon to super-fast fibre depending upon the local exchange.

  • In the Temple room there is computer-based music available for masonic ceremonies. This helps where a Lodge has no physical organist. Music is available for all orders and ceremonies. Training is freely available for anyone interested in using the system from John Davies.

  • The Temple also has a ceiling mounted projector and electronically retractable screen. This can be used for example for lectures or for presenting certificates. This is easy to use and training is freely available.

  •  The Restaurant area also has a screen and ceiling mounted projector. These can be used for social events, lectures or any meetings held at the Centre that require presentations to be given.

These facilities ensure that KMC remains 'relevant' across the wide spectrum of members and visitors it attracts. We are constantly improving and upgrading these facets and believe we can be the most members progressive Centre that people visit by constantly questioning whether we are 'on the money' - for example very soon we expect there to be a Zoom facility at the centre.

One final point is that your safety is a key concern to us. We therefore have installed an internet-based CCTV system with cameras both inside and outside the building covering the key areas such as robing room for personal effects security and car parks. Directors can review the integrity of the Centre from wherever they are in the world. Images are maintained for up to one month in case of any events requiring investigation. Images are only used for the purpose of your safety and compliance with Centre regulation. The centre ensures it complies with GDPR legislation. Information relating to this can be seen on the notice Boards within the temple.