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KMC Community

Community Work

Knowle Centre for Freemasonry is at the centre of our community and prides itself on providing practical help for the people at the centre of our community who require a lift up.

Aside from Masonic charitable giving which all masons regularly do via their lodges, the centre's community fund has provided local community help for as broad purposes as,

  • Renewal Solihull food bank

  • Chelmsley Wood Nightowlers pre-school

  • Hampton in Arden pre-school

  • Newlands Bishops Farm

  • 2nd Knowle Girl Guides

  • St Philips Dorridge Church food bank

  • Age UK Solihull Foodbank

  • Practical Donations to Solihull Hospital to enable Covid patients to contact relatives

  • Local prostrate cancer collections

We have a permanent foodbank at Knowle Centre for Freemasonry and we encourage all members to bring food, household essentials and personal toiletries to help people who need a little bit of help at the current time. We take the donations to the local collection points in the community so they can be distributed widely in the community as a whole. We have provided such help for denominations of all major faiths furthering our cause to show that it's important that we all pull together in a caring unquestioning way.

In addition, we have made the centre available for


  • Local examinations

  • Macmillan Coffee mornings

  • Heritage Building Open days

  • Local Probus Clubs

  • Age UK Solihull regular Board and Executive meetings

Being available and open to the community provides a chance for people to see what the building involves and to provide a comfortable facility which may not otherwise be available.

If you would like to know more please contact Andrew Lee via the contact form. Andrew is the director who coordinates all community fund activity.

Please, help us to promote our proud role in the community.

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