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Double Ceremony for the Lodge of Goodwill No. 3899

A very special night was enjoyed by all on the 9th October 2023, when there was an Installation and Initiation at the Lodge of Goodwill on the same night, at Knowle Masonic Temple.

Due to work commitments the Master Elect Luke Stanton could not attend the usual September Installation meeting which was then postponed to October, and the Initiation for Craig Thompson having already been arranged was done on the same night. This is the first time W. Bro. Luke has been appointed Worshipful Master.

The meeting was highly organised by W. Bro. David Wright, W. Bro. Michael Hodkinson and W. Bro. Neil Watkin.

Left to right Bro. Mark Crimmins, W. Bro. Clive Cooper ProvADC, W. Bro. David Greenwood APGM, Worshipful Master Luke Stanton, W. Bro. Michael Hodkinson, Bro Craig Thompson, W. Bro. Ron Henderson and Bro. David Lamond.

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