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Superb Celebration of 60 years in the Craft for W. Bro Len Taylor in the Lodge of Goodwill No. 3899.

A superb night was held on Friday April 5th, at Knowle Masonic Temple, as W. Bro. Len Taylor was presented with a 60th Certificate by the DProvGM W. Bro. David Butcher, accompanied by ProvDepGDC W. Bro. James Dalton.

Also attending were PProvGM R W Bro David Macey, PAsstProvGM W Bro John Hayward, Prov.A.G.Sec. W Bro Bernard Foad, W Bro Richard Lynes ( Len's Brother-in-Law) visitors from Greville Lodge and Members of the Lodge of Goodwill.

W. Bro. Len was in fine form as Worshipful Master for the evening, conducting a 2nd degree ceremony for Bro Craig Thompson.

 W. Bro. Len was initiated into the Lodge of Goodwill alongside his brother Alan Taylor by their Father also  W. Bro. Len Taylor on the 24th March 1964.

In the picture, left to right PDGDC W. Bro. James Dalton, PAPGM W Bro John Hayward,

DPGM W. Bro. David Butcher, W.Bro Len Taylor, PPGM R W Bro David Macey.

Photo originally posted on X (Twitter).

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